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Subject[ANNOUNCE] firescope for i386/x86-64 released

[This has been on ftp for some time but I didn't get around to announce it]

I ported Ben Herrenschmidt's firescope tool to i386/x86-64 and did
some changes. It allows to read memory from a target over firewire.
All you need is a fitting firewire cable and two machines with firewire
port and ohci1394 firewire controllers.

There's no xmon on x86-64, so it's primarily to read the dmesg log buffer
(but it can read arbitary memory). It's very useful to get
kernel logs out of machines without serial port like laptops.

See the manpage in the package for more details.

- raw1394 needs to be loaded on the host
- Host needs to run ohci1394 first. This means it currently
cannot be used to capture very early oopses.
- Host needs to be same bitsize as target. You can use a 32bit
binary (firescope32 as generated by the Makefile), but you need
2.6.17rc1 for the compat support
- The tty output inserts too many newlines.
- Under high load auto update mode sometimes gets confused
(it is hard to do this without any locking)

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