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SubjectRe: Oops [NFS server crash]
On Monday March 6, wrote:
> Hi,
> Hope I am sending this to the right place. Let me know if you need any
> other infor

It's as good a place as any - though putting something more
descriptive like "NFS server crash" might make it less likely to all
through the cracks..

> The machine crashed while trying to use NFS
> *Kernel Version*
> Linux version ( (gcc version 4.0.0
> 20050519 (Red Hat 4.0.0-8)) #1 Sat Feb 25 21:23:05 NZDT 2006

This is a vanilla is it? No extra patches?

I haven't tried to duplicate the problem yet (my test machine is busy)
but it is very hard to see this happening unless the 'lock_kernel'
lock stopped working.

It looks from the logs like there were two attempts to start the nfs
server, the first one simply failed, the second caused the oops. Is
that correct?

The reason the first attempt failed is that 'portmap' appear to not be

The reason for the oops is the interesting one for me. I don't think
these is any extra information you can provide other than answers to
the above questions.

I'll try to reproduce it.

Thanks for the report.

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