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SubjectRe: Oops [NFS server crash]
On Monday March 6, wrote:
> Hi,
> Firstly stupid me never saw the Bugzilla link first time through. This
> is now logged under Bug 6172

You should be aware that bugzilla is not universally popular. I
hardly ever look at it myself and perfer to deal with issues simply in
the mailing list.

> This is a vanilla kernel no patches.

Thanks for that confirmation. It is always best to be sure.

> Several attempt were made to start NFS with /etc/init.d/nfs start. I
> understood this would start portmap. Am I wrong? Possibly my iptables
> provented it. I have been experimenting with arno firewall.

The functions in /etc/init.d are very dependant on distribution. I
gather you are using RedHat, and I know nothing about redhat's init.d.

However I suspect a badly configured firewall could be an issue and
disabling the firewall before trying again would be a good idea.

> Thanks for responding and sorry for logging twice.

Don't worry about that. Twice is much better than never. It is very
easy to ignore a second copy of a bug report (when you read
linux-kernel you have to get good at ignoring things:-)

> Iain
> New Zealand

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