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SubjectRe: e2label suggestions
Theodore Ts'o wrote:

>On Tue, Mar 28, 2006 at 02:48:50PM -0700, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
>>e2label takes as parms:
>>e2label <device name> <mount point>
>Actually, it's label name, not "mount point". Some
>people/distributions will use a label name of "/" for the root
>filesystem, but that is purely a convention.
>>What's useless about this is the association of device name and file
>>system label which is completely broken on SATA systems which do dynamic
>>assignment. e2label was a great idea, but did not go far enough to
>It's not an association of device name and file system label. It is
>an assignment of a filesystme label to a *filesystem*. The label is
>actually stored in the ext3's superblock.
>>The Initial mount sequence using:
>>should be modified to ignore the device assignment and dunamically scan
>>the drives for the root drive for initial bootup and DETECT
>>the device assignment rather then reverting to fixed device
>>assignments. As implemented it's pretty useless and is simply an aliasing
>>mechanism rather than solving the problem of the system being truly
>You can do this, and on some distributions it does work that way; the
>initial root device is actually an initrd, and the initrd will search
>the drivers looking for the root drive. The blkid library, or the
>blkid program, can be used provide that functionality (indeed the
>mount program, when passed the argument "LABEL=/" can be compiled to
>use the blkid library to do this searching).
>So it does (or at least can) work this way already, but it's all
>userspace stuff which is currently distro-specific. Which brings up
>the question why you posted this on LKML....
> - Ted

Thanks for clarifying. It does NOT work this way today, and the
detection of and translation of
LABEL=/ is passed in the kernel, so its a kernel issue. e2label also
originated here, and yes I know about where
its stored. I will modify the kernels we use to translate this into a
dynamic device handle. What
the rest of the world does is its problem. I was making a suggestion.
See subject = "suggestions".

Thanks for responding. This has been helpful.


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