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Subjecte2label suggestions

e2label takes as parms:

e2label <device name> <mount point>

What's useless about this is the association of device name and file
system label which is completely broken on SATA systems which do dynamic
assignment. e2label was a great idea, but did not go far enough to

The Initial mount sequence using:


should be modified to ignore the device assignment and dunamically scan
the drives for the root drive for initial bootup and DETECT
the device assignment rather then reverting to fixed device
assignments. As implemented it's pretty useless and is simply an aliasing
mechanism rather than solving the problem of the system being truly

On many systems, including the systems we ship, /dev/sda, /dev/sdb, and
/dev/sdc are dynamically created from 3Ware RAID arrays and the boot drive
on the SATA connectors of the motherboard tends to "float" (i.e. sdc can
move to sda or sdb between boots depending on how the arrays are
On a RAID 0 failure, by way of example, sdc becomes sdb and renders a
system unable to boot. The solution is to setup the initial scanning
for root to look for the "/" assignment from e2label, and dynamically
assign the /dev/sdX handle from this scanning.

Just a suggestion.


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