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SubjectRe: hda-intel woes
Bill Davidsen wrote:

> Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
>> Visit
>> Purchase a support contract for customer service, fastest way to get
>> help.
> Several things have escaped you:
> 1 - common politeness - the question was reasonable

Common politeness? The person posted several times and was ignored. We
purchase and use red hat products all day long and their service is
excellent. When our cutomers call for support problems get fixed and
addressed -- without our customers being harnessed and used as guinea
pigs to test buggy patches. Some people are simply users and need to go
to the supplier of the distribution to get drivers or help. Red Hat's
online forums are outstanding and most of these questions get answered
and addressed just by searching their site -- even for distros from
other vendors. Intel Video and other support in FC2, ES4, etc. must
come from Red hat and Suse since their kernels are so forked, they
cannot be used without several hundred patches (NPTL, etc).

> 2 - sound doesn't work on ASUS laptops up thru at least

> 3 - Fedora is user supported

And has an enormous knoweldge base on red hat's website covering
numerous issues.

> Having spent months trying to convince people that there was no
> {various_things} to mute or unmute, it didn't work with earphones
> either, etc, I decided that given a choice between (a) Windows, (b) a
> new laptop which might not work either, or (c) a cheap USB sound
> setup, I decided to stop banging my head on that particular rock.
> My friend bought one at the same time I did, he reports that neither
> the latest Fedora kernel,, or 2.6.16 works. Downloading the
> latest ALSA patches may work if they apply to the kernel you have.
I wasn;t trying to be flippant or rude, I was simply pointing this
person to a website where they might find answers. Most users are not
programmers and expecting them to debug patches and rebuild a kernel
(which won't work in most cases because of forking and massive patches
by the DISTRO vendors) .
Linux has grown up. People using laptops with distros will find a lot
of answers on these forums.

How about wireless drivers? Bcm drivers for example. Written as NDIS
and using ndiswrapper. Laptop issues are complicated and not general
bugs. LKML isn;t useful to address these issues. I don't even get
responses on AMD issues and I do kernel development all day long. And
I don't use stock releases any longer since the distro's have
forked so extensively.

And the whining about where a website link was posted on a reply is not
something to get crosswise over. Next time I'll respond quietly to the
user and save the vitriol.

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