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SubjectRe: hda-intel woes
On 21:22 Mon 27 Mar     , Kyle Moffett wrote:
> Hi! Unfortunately messages tend to get lost on occasion due to the sheer volume of email. Sometimes you
> may have to resend a couple times to get a response. It also helps if you add relevant CC's from the
> MAINTAINERS file (added to this message). You can also file a bug report on the ALSA bug tracker, I think
> the ALSA people tend to be fairly good about keeping up with that; sometimes more so than the mailing list.


Thanks for the reply, but it seems I have wasted your time.
It works now that I upgraded the thing to 2.6.16 and alsa 1.0.11_rc4,
so I guess it's all fixed already. :)
I propably should have rechecked before resending the mail,
but I didn't notice there was a new alsa rc.

Anyway, well done, I'll mail if I should come across an actual bug. ;)


Friedrich Göpel
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