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SubjectRe: Need help reporting bug, no 3D accel with Matrox g400
> It appears that some later kernel versions
> do not support 3D acceleration in some cases.
> I'm getting this problem with Debain etch and Ubuntu
> Dapper. I first thought it was a problem caused by
> switching to xorg but Ubuntu 5.10 is fine and it uses
> xorg.
> ----------------------------------------------------
> The 3D acceleration doesn't work with xorg using the
> mga driver for a Matrox g400.
> My test case is ppracer which runs dreadfully slow.
> This is a Debian etch machine with Debian's
> 2.6.15-1-k7 kernel.
> This is what I have found so far.
> Re: No direct rendering with recent kernels
> DRM for MGA broken since 2005-Aug-04.
> The 3D acceleration for mga appears to still be
> broken.
> Where and how may I respectfully plead for this to be
> fixed?

Here, .. no pleading required.. I'm going to get my MGA out and setup
again, however I was sure we'd fixed this before... there is a problem
with the MGA userspace having broken locking,

I'm nearly sure I've fixed up most of the kernel side, but I'll try
and get time to test it again..

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