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SubjectRe: Who wants to test cracklinux??

> I've written a small kernel module & shared object for kernel 2.6 to
> enable the following for normal users:
> - inb()/outb()... via a wrapper function

ioperm() does that already, no? You mean, you enable it for non-root,
too? That's security hole.

> - enable direct IO access (like ioperm())
> - direct access on physical memory addresses

read/write on /dev/mem. chmod 666 /dev/mem if you want to allow normal
users to access physical memory (security hole, again).

> - installation of user space ISR

That seems nice. Does it work with PCI shared interrupts?

> - change nice level
> The module is primary thought for education, but perhaps also helpful
> in software development.
> The module is finished now, but because it's my first kernel code
> there could be something to improve. If anyone wants to test, just
> send me a mail and you'll get the code.

Please post it to the list.
Picture of sleeping (Linux) penguin wanted...
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