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    SubjectRe: Who wants to test cracklinux??
    On Sun, 2006-04-02 at 15:34 -0700, Ben Ford wrote:
    > Hash: SHA1
    > Pavel Machek wrote:
    > > Hi!
    > >> I've written a small kernel module & shared object for kernel 2.6 to
    > >> enable the following for normal users:
    > >>
    > >> - inb()/outb()... via a wrapper function
    > > ioperm() does that already, no? You mean, you enable it for non-root,
    > > too? That's security hole.
    > My OS development classes have a lab of machines that run entirely as
    > root just for these reasons. I think it's valid to allow these
    > operations as non-root in certain situations. It is better than
    > running *everything* as root, no?

    is there any difference? I mean... if you can outb you for all intents
    and purposes are root anyway ;) (like you can overwrite any memory in
    the system etc etc)

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