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SubjectRe: [openib-general] InfiniBand 2.6.17 merge plans
BTW, what do you think of changing rdma_wq to be a GPL export, to give
a hint that this is an internal symbol not really for general use?

In other words:

diff --git a/drivers/infiniband/core/addr.c b/drivers/infiniband/core/addr.c
index 6ebd1d1..cdf4888 100644
--- a/drivers/infiniband/core/addr.c
+++ b/drivers/infiniband/core/addr.c
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ static DEFINE_MUTEX(lock);
static LIST_HEAD(req_list);
static DECLARE_WORK(work, process_req, NULL);
struct workqueue_struct *rdma_wq;

static int copy_addr(struct rdma_dev_addr *dev_addr, struct net_device *dev,
unsigned char *dst_dev_addr)
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