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SubjectRe: [openib-general] updated InfiniBand 2.6.17 merge plans
    Roland> * Get rid of option for building IPoIB and mthca debug
Roland> output unless EMBEDDED=y

Christoph> NACK. Just add a FOO_DEBUG config option, this has
Christoph> noþhing to do with EMBEDDED.

I think you misunderstood (probably because what I wrote was very
unclear). What I meant to say was that I wanted to make
CONFIG_INFINIBAND_IPOIB_DEBUG=y, without the option to disable it,
unless CONFIG_EMBEDDED is set. In Kconfig language, change it to:

bool "IP-over-InfiniBand debugging" if EMBEDDED
default y

Do you still have a problem with that? The rationale is that we want
the debugging output compiled in (it still needs to be enabled at
runtime) unless the user really really knows they don't want it,
because by the time we know we want the output, it's too late to
recompile to kernel.

- R.
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