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SubjectRe: [future of drivers?] a proposal for binary drivers.
I knew this was sore issue, i knew some people would say to me, i am
just another troll barking at tree not knowing anything , and i knew
loads of people will share same views or atleast do have lots of
questions regarding EULA, LAW, COPYRIGHT, "does it suit fundamental's
of linux", and similar things to say but boy, i never never never
expected this many views going back and forth, some real live
developer issue someone mentioned here (glucometer) did give some
sense of how_it_gets difficult for a developer to_do kernel related
things. due to my work i wasnt able to reply to this post, just
reading all replies here was overwhelming (ofcourse gmail did made it
lots easier).

(think of this i shud had put my hosting company name at start, that
wud had been cheap but plenty of adverting :) but i wanted and still
want the_issue to be core of this thread)

Linus might either be thinking "boy is this the longest and oldest
ever rant or what" or "this needs some serious attending, gotta talk
about this with morton" or, "this pisses me off to maximum, mustttt
resists pulling my eyes out sticking fingers in and swirling my brain
around" .

I agree asking for modular/binary driver option in linux kernel is
trollling, as asking for open source windows to billyg . but why did i
ask? no i didnt wake up one day and felt i shud bark at some tree,
this is same kind of trolling like , if someone with old pc saying how
sad it is for him with no updates available for win98 and slowing apps
and no modern applications suck for him and i in reply to give a
suggestion like "have you tried linux? its pretty neat now, give it a

i already mentioned at starting of thread what drove me to writing
this topic and i think linus should seriously give a thought or review
to this.

I even read a long time some japanese company (maybe mobile company
docomo, i really dont know the name) were asking to make binary driver
legal and more integrated with linux kernel to which linus vehemently
opposed it, i googled "binary drivers" and found loads of article like
in 1999 and similar where linus has shown his displeasure. but who
knows, times change, needs change, people too change.

To end this email, I from heart want to thank and congratulate to all
developers users coders and others who shared , challenged,
confronted, discussed their views, it really educated me as it must
have done to lot others too.

Thank you.
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