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SubjectChange in multiple NFS mount behavior in 2.6.19?
After upgrading an NFS client from 2.6.18 to 2.6.19 (and also with we see a change in behavior of multiple NFS mounts against the
same server (running 2.4.20 in this case). With 2.6.18 we could mount
different pieces of the same remote file system with distinct read-only
and read-write attributes at corresponding places on the client. With
2.6.19 if the first mount is read-only, subsequent mounts seem to
inherit the read-only status even though not explicitly mounted read-only.

If I did the "git bisect" properly, the behavior changed with commit
54ceac4515986030c2502960be620198dd8fe25b and the description of this
commit seems like it could indeed have caused this behavior, but perhaps
not intentionally. I believe the client is making NFS V2 calls. Also, I
am still able to issue a "mount -o remount,rw" on the client to regain
read-write capability. Was this a regression or is this now the
expected behavior for multiple NFS client mounts in 2.6.19?
Mike Accetta

ECI Telecom Ltd.
Data Networking Division (previously Laurel Networks)
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