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Subject[PATCH 0/4] Fix the binary ipc and uts namespace sysctls.

The binary interface to the namespace sysctls was never implemented
resulting in some really weird things if you attempted to use
sys_sysctl to read your hostname for example.

This patch series simples the code a little and implements the binary
sysctl interface.

In testing this patch series I discovered that our 32bit compatibility
for the binary sysctl interface is imperfect. In particular
KERN_SHMMAX and KERN_SMMALL are size_t sized quantities and are
returned as 8 bytes on to 32bit binaries using a x86_64 kernel.
However this has existing for a long time so it is not a new
regression with the namespace work.

Gads the whole sysctl thing needs work before it stops being easy
to shoot yourself in the foot.

Looking forward a little bit we need a better way to handle sysctls
and namespaces as our current technique will not work for the network
namespace. I think something based on the current overlapping sysctl
trees will work but the proc side needs to be redone before we can
use it.


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