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SubjectRe: ACPI output/lcd/auxdisplay mess
On 11/16/06, James Simmons <> wrote:
> >
> > cfag12864bcfb is a "fbdev" (actually, it is a "fb wrapper" for
> > cfag12864b, so it behaves like a framebuffer, although it is not an
> > usual framebuffer. f.e. it has asynchronous refresh rate, a mmaped
> > page to appear to be a fb...).
> BTW to use it as a fb you need to set the FILLRECT etc. See Kconfig in the
> drivers/video directory and look at one of the graphic card examples.

I see, thanks you. I will take care of that.

> > Still, it is not the front panel lcd of any specific device like PDA,
> > so people that expects only their primary video/ displays may be
> > confused if it appears at such section. So we decided to go away from
> > video/. Maybe we can change the description, as right now it only
> > refers to front panel lcds.
> Neither is a monitor for a PC desktop. That is why we have ddc. If I
> take a desktop with more than one video card and swap the lcd monitors
> the lcd monitor data remains the same. As soon as the display device is
> attached to the graphics card the graphics card will then communicate
> with the monitor to retrieve data. For example if the mode of the
> graphics card is set to 1900x1080 which is supported by the current
> monitor. Then we swap it for a CRT that supports only 1280x1024 then in
> that case when the graphics card probes the CRT it will change the
> resolution to the maximum that is supported by the CRT.
> Currently the fbdev layer handles all this with struct fb_monspecs. Now
> I know that structure doesn't cover everything. Nor does it handle
> multiple displays attached to one piece of hardware. These where things I
> was hoping to fix. Now that there are display devices that can handle
> there own power management I have no problem having another sysfs device
> to handle it. A representation that is more generic than lcd in the
> backlight directory. Like the output device suggested by Yu. Of course I'm
> not fond of that name. Display would be better.

Yep, indeed it would be better to have both generic place and sysfs
device to put all these generic displays, however, I think they
shouldn't be at video/* (maybe video/something/* or outside). I mean,
we can do something like:

1. First, we move auxiliary-special displays (including cfag12864b,
[*]"Arc Monochrome LCD board" and stuff like that: they aren't really
primary video displays) to another folder outside video/, maybe
"drivers/display/" ("drivers/auxdisplay/"...).
2. Then we create a sysfs device, called "display" ("auxdisplay"...)
for all of them, which must be generic as you suggested, not just lcds
or "front panels".

So finally we will have usual-primary fbdevs and video drivers at
"drivers/video/*", and all the other stuff at "drivers/display/*" or
some similar place.

Is that a good suggestion?

[*] I saw fbdevs like "Arc Monochorme LCD board support" that can be
put there the same way like auxdisplay/cfag12864b, as they look pretty

Miguel Ojeda
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