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SubjectRE: Hugepage regression
On Tue, 10 Oct 2006, Chen, Kenneth W wrote:
> Hugh Dickins wrote on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 12:18 PM
> > But again, I protest
> > the "if (vma->vm_file)" in your unmap_hugepage_range - how would a
> > hugepage area ever have NULL vma->vm_file?
> It's coming from do_mmap_pgoff(), file->f_op->mmap can fail with error
> code (e.g. not enough hugetlb page) and in the error recovery path, it
> nulls out vma->vm_file first before calls down to unmap_region().

I stand corrected: thanks.

> I asked that question before:

So you did, on Oct 2nd: sorry, that got lost amidst the overload in
my mailbox, I've just forwarded it to myself again, to check later
on what else I may have missed. (I am aware that I've still not
scrutinized the patches you sent out a day or two later, now in -mm.)

> can we reverse that order (call unmap_region
> and then nulls out vma->vmfile and fput)?

I'm pretty sure we cannot: the ordering is quite intentional, that if
a driver ->mmap failed, then it'd be wrong to call down to driver in
the unmap_region (if a driver is nicely behaved, that unmap_region
shouldn't be unnecessary; but some do rely on us clearing ptes there).

Okay, last refuge of all who've made a fool of themselves:
may I ask you to add a comment in your unmap_hugepage_range,
pointing to how the do_mmap_pgoff error case NULLifies vm_file?

(Or else change hugetlbfs_file_mmap to set VM_HUGETLB only once it's
succeeded: but that smacks of me refusing to accept I was wrong.)


> unmap_and_free_vma:
> if (correct_wcount)
> atomic_inc(&inode->i_writecount);
> vma->vm_file = NULL;
> fput(file);
> /* Undo any partial mapping done by a device driver. */
> unmap_region(mm, vma, prev, vma->vm_start, vma->vm_end);
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