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SubjectRE: [PATCH 000 of 5] md: Introduction
> Neil, is this online resizing/reshaping really needed?  I understand
> all those words means alot for marketing persons - zero downtime,
> online resizing etc, but it is much safer and easier to do that stuff
> 'offline', on an inactive array, like raidreconf does - safer, easier,
> faster, and one have more possibilities for more complex changes. It
> isn't like you want to add/remove drives to/from your arrays every
> Alot of good hw raid cards are unable to perform such reshaping too.

RAID resize/restripe may not be so common with cheap / PC-based RAID
systems, but it is common with midrange and enterprise storage
subsystems from vendors such as EMC, HDS, IBM & HP.
in fact, I'd say it's the exception to the rule _if_ an
midrange/enterprise storage subsystem doesn't have an _online_ resize

personally, I think this this useful functionality, but my personal
preference is that this would be in DM/LVM2 rather than MD. but given
Neil is the MD author/maintainer, I can see why he'd prefer to do it in
MD. :)


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