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SubjectRegression in Autofs, 2.6.15-git
I had been testing some other thing in the kernel, when I noticed that the 
commit (in Linus' tree) given below makes *autofs4* crash.
It does crash with a hard oops whenever I try to enter a /net/host/... address
in konqueror's location bar.
Is this a known issue or should I provide more information?

commit fc33a7bb9c6dd8f6e4a014976200f8fdabb3a45c
Author: Christoph Hellwig <>
Date: Mon Jan 9 20:52:17 2006 -0800

[PATCH] per-mountpoint noatime/nodiratime

Turn noatime and nodiratime into per-mount instead of per-sb flags.

After all the preparations this is a rather trivial patch. The mount code
needs to treat the two options as per-mount instead of per-superblock, and
touch_atime needs to be changed to check the new MNT_ flags in addition to
the MS_ flags that are kept for filesystems that are always
noatime/nodiratime but not user settable anymore. Besides that core code
only nfs needed an update because it's leaving atime updates to the server
and thus sets the S_NOATIME flag on every inode, but needs to know whether
it's a real noatime mount for an getattr optimization.

While we're at it I've killed the IS_NOATIME/IS_NODIRATIME macros that
only used by touch_atime.
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