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SubjectLinux Kernel Dump Summit 2005
To whom may concern

We had a Linux Kernel Dump Summit 2005.

The participants are

Dump tools Session
diskdump -- Fujitsu
mkdump -- NTT Data Intellilink
LTD -- Hitachi
kdump -- Turbolinux
Summary -- Miracle Linux

Dump Analysis tools Session
Alicia/crash -- Uniadex

Other participants are

Some discussion topics are (but not limited to)

- What kind of information do we need?
trace information
all of registers
the last log of panic, oops
LTD (Linux Tough Dump) has some nice features

- We need a partial dump
- We have to minimize the down time

- We have to dump all memory
how can we distinguish from the kernel and user if
kernel data is corrupted

- How we are not able to dump data
power management
we need a generic mechanism to reset a device

- Hang
NMI watch dog

- It is very difficult to debug a memory corrupt bug
- hardware error

- Where will we go to?
IHV and Linux Kernel community collaboration are needed

Dump Analysis tools are very important

- There is a concern that the development process of 'crash'
is not open.
- Do we have to extend gdb?
- We'd like to collaborate 'crash'

- kexec/kdump, mkdump, LTD, all of them use the second kernel
to dump it.

- We have to share the test data, check list, test tools of
dump tool developments.

We agree to have the Linux Kernel Dump Summit.

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