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Subject[Questions] About experience of using kgdb for 2.6.10 kernel
Hello, All

Recently I use kgdb for 2.6.10 kernel to debug driver modules. I got
the kgdb patch from kgdb CVS server. Here I have some experience of
using it with questions.

1. I use gdbmod-2.2 which is claimed to support automatically load
module symbol to correct address, but it don't do as that. I have to
manually add .text/.data/.bss sections address as add-symbol-file
parameters in gdb commands. Does anybody meet this?
2. I can't add one breakpiont for codes in symbol unless I stop in
sys_init_module and use "step" into module_init routine. It's not
convenient for module debugging, because every time I has to add
breakpoints in module_init, even I don't want to debug it. :(
3. The connection often hangs with printing "error packet" message
especially adding breakpoints or strike "n" quickly for multiple
times. And then the debug can't continue without restart.

Anyway, kgdb is a very good tool for kernel debugging. But from my
experience, it's not stable -- or my usage faults? Is anybody willing
to share with me his experience/knowledge?

Thanks much,
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