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Subjectslab cache size-32 objects growing forever

I noticed that my system's (kernel 2.4.22) cache memory is fast reducing.
Its normal value is around 225M always.
its reduced to 175M over about 30 days and still going low.

I notice this unusual behaviour /proc/slabinfo.

total size-32 objects are very large.
about 300 objects of some type are being added to size-32
slab every 10min. There is no sign of any reduction.

size-32(DMA) 0 0 32 0 0 1
size-32 1979925 1979986 32 17522 17522

1) What kind of driver/kernel functions need to allocate such size-32 objects.
( for eg, if inode is for file inodes, size-32 is for ???)

2) Would it be possible to view the objects (any tool/utility for this)

3) What does this uncontrolled growth imply?
is someone requesting size-32 objects uncontrollably or
the Virtual Mem/slab is failing to release the cache.
or could it be both ?

3) If this is some driver's fault, what kind of flags/code
do i grep in driver dir, so that it will help me figure
a faulty driver (eg; SLAB_NO_REAP ?)

Thanks in advance.
(NB: newbie post)
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