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Subject[question] What's the difference between /dev/kmem and /dev/mem
OK, I thought I use to know this. But what is the difference
between /dev/kmem and /dev/mem. I thought that with /dev/kmem you could
use the actual kernel addresses to read from.

For example, if I wanted to read the current variable X in the kernel, I
could look up the address of X in, then mmaping to /dev/kmem
I could get to that variable using the address that I got from But this doesn't seem to work.

I'm getting an IO error on read. And looking at this I see:

static int mmap_kmem(struct file * file, struct vm_area_struct * vma)
unsigned long long val;
* RED-PEN: on some architectures there is more mapped memory
* than available in mem_map which pfn_valid checks
* for. Perhaps should add a new macro here.
* RED-PEN: vmalloc is not supported right now.
if (!pfn_valid(vma->vm_pgoff))
return -EIO;
val = (u64)vma->vm_pgoff << PAGE_SHIFT;
vma->vm_pgoff = __pa(val) >> PAGE_SHIFT;
return mmap_mem(file, vma);

I printed out the value in vma->vm_pgoff, and it still has the
0xc0000000 (but shifted >> 12). Isn't this suppose to also remove the
0xc? Or am I just totally off here?


-- Steve

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