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SubjectRe: reiser4 plugins
Adrian Ulrich wrote:
>>so all we have left is the issue of whether using /meta costs us
>>performance, or whether breaking POSIX to add a symlink (such as
>>foo/...) really gives us that much more usability.
> IMHO '/meta' isn't such a good idea, because a chrooted application
> won't be able to use it.

mount --bind. Is there a performance hit for having too many of those?

mount --bind /meta/vfs/some/chroot /some/chroot/meta

Also, maybe a separately-mounted /meta, maybe with something like
'-o root='

I can't think of when you'd have a chrooted application that uses /meta,
but wasn't written with /meta in mind, so as to have these mount
commands in its init scripts.

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