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SubjectRe: reiser4 plugins
Hans Reiser wrote:
> Hubert Chan wrote:
>>On Tue, 05 Jul 2005 20:50:08 -0400 EDT, "Alexander G. M. Smith" <> said:
>>>That sounds equivalent to no hard links (other than the usual parent
>>>directory one). If there's any directory with two links to it, then
>>>there will be a cycle somewhere!
>>What we want is no directed cycles. That is A is the parent of B is the
>>parent of C is the parent of A. We don't care about A is the parent of
>>B is the parent of C; A is the parent of B is the parent of C.
>>OK, here's a random idea that just popped into my head, and to which
>>I've given little thought (read: none whatsoever), and may be the
>>stupidest idea ever proposed on LKML, but thought I would just toss it
>>out to see if it could stimulate someone to come up with something
>>better (read: sane): Conceptually, foo/.... is just a symlink to
>>/meta/[filesystem]/[inode of foo].
> Except that we want the metafiles to go away when the base file goes away.

Only, /meta is a filesystem that already makes stuff go away for us, so
all we have left is the issue of whether using /meta costs us
performance, or whether breaking POSIX to add a symlink (such as
foo/...) really gives us that much more usability.

I don't know the first thing about whether it costs us performance,
although it seems like it could be negligable considering the existance
of mount --bind.

I don't think file-as-dir gives us that much more usability, because we
can always create a simple program or shell script that 'cd's us into
metadata. It's still easier than having a simple program that
manipulates the metadata directly, because this way we can do 'cd' and
'ls' and so on inside the metadata directory.

And, once we start talking about applications, /meta will be more
readily supported (as in, some apps will go through a pathname and stop
when they get to a file, and then there's tar). On apps which don't
have direct support for /meta, you'd be navigating to the file in
question and then manually typing '...' into the dialog, so I don't see
why typing '...' at the end is better than typing '/meta' or '/meta/vfs'
at the beginning.

That said, I'm still not entirely sure how we get /meta/vfs to work
other than adding a '...' sort of delimiter anyway.

>>And a question: is it feasible to store, for each inode, its parent(s),
>>instead of just the hard link count?
> Ooh, now that is an interesting old idea I haven't considered in 20
> years.... makes fsck more robust too....

Doesn't it make directory operations slower, too?

And, will it require a format change?
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