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    SubjectRe: reiser4 plugins
    On Sun, 26 Jun 2005 21:37:48 CDT, David Masover said:

    > Assume we can do on-disk caching, similar to fscache/cachefs for nfs.
    > Now, benchmark:
    > $ unzip && make -C linux-2.6.12
    > versus the hypothetical
    > $ make -C
    > This is an automatic performance gain, in theory, because the second
    > command is identical to unzipping just the parts you need into
    > linux-2.6.12, then running "make".

    Nope, they're not identical. The first specifically unzips it into the file
    system, leaving the zip file intact. The second, you're having to take all
    those .o files and other stuff that the 'make' generates and put them back
    into the .zip file *on the fly* - when the 'make' is half done, the .zip should
    reflect a directory tree that has had half the make execute....

    (Think - after that hyptothetical 'make' completes, where is 'vmlinux'? ;)
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