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SubjectRe:PNP parallel&serial ports: module reload fails (2.6.11)?

try pnpacpi=off in your kernel options and it should work.
An other solution is to comment pnpacpi_disable_resources in
drivers/pnp/pnpacpi/core.c in order to avoid that the resource are

When booting, the parport resources are enable by your kernel, and when
you load for the first time the module there nothing to activate.

But when you rmmod the driver, you free the resource.

And pnpacpi have some problem to activate resource with some strange acpi implementation...

There was a problem in pnp layer implementation : the resource weren't
given in the right order, Adam Belay send me a patch, but I don't know
if it got in main-line ?

May be there also a bug in pnpacpi_encode_resources (with the pnp patch
apply I didn't still work on some hardware...)

You can try to send your dsdt, but I am quit busy for the moment.
May be some Intel guy could look at the problem...

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