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    SubjectRe: Race condition in module load causing undefined symbols
    Stephen Lord <> wrote:
    > I am having troubles getting any recent kernel to boot successfully
    > on one of my machines, a generic 2.6GHz P4 box with HT enabled
    > running an updated Fedora Core 3 distro. This is present in
    > 2.6.12-rc6. It does not manifest itself with the Fedora Core
    > kernels which have identical initrd contents as far as the
    > init script and the set of modules included goes.
    > The problem manifests itself as various undefined symbols from
    > module loads.

    Peculiar. Module loading is all synchronous, isn't it?

    > ...
    > The failures are different on different boots, sometimes the ata_piix
    > module cannot find symbols from libata, sometimes ext3 cannot find jbd
    > symbols, sometimes dm modules cannot find things from dm-mod, usually
    > it is a combination of these. End result is a panic when it cannot
    > find the root device.
    > From the behavior, it appears that a module load is returning
    > control to user space before the previous one has got its symbols
    > loaded.

    I wonder if rather than the intermittency being time-based, it is
    load-address-based? For example, suppose there's a bug in the symbol
    lookup code?

    Have you tried using a different gcc version?
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