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SubjectRe: Y2K-like bug to hit Linux computers! - Info of the day
On Fri, 13 May 2005 16:37:36 +0200 DervishD wrote:

| Hi :)
| * Srinivas G. <> dixit:
| > Tuesday, January 19 2038. Time: 03:14:07 GMT. If Linux programmers get
| > nightmares, it's about this date and time. Immediately after that second
| > is crossed, current computer systems running on Linux will grind to a
| > halt or go into a loop. This will trip up a lot of databases. No, this
| > is not another hoax raised by some anti-Linux lobby. It is Linux's own
| > Y2K nightmare, says Businessworld.
| Do you mean we have less than 33 years to switch to a longer type
| to store timestamps? I'm *seriously* frightened. I'm only 32, so I
| think I will manage to spend another half of my life switching to 64
| bits timestamps.
| But we shouldn't worry, anyway, because the end of the world is
| scheduled to be much sooner. I've heard rumours about a hyperspace
| speedway that must pass *just* over this tiny little planet we call
| home. Maybe the answer is 42.

but that begs the question, "to what question is 42 the answer?" 8;)

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