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SubjectRe: Y2K-like bug to hit Linux computers! - Info of the day
On Fri, 13 May 2005, Srinivas G. wrote:

> Tuesday, January 19 2038. Time: 03:14:07 GMT. If Linux programmers get
> nightmares, it's about this date and time. Immediately after that second
> is crossed, current computer systems running on Linux will grind to a
> halt or go into a loop. This will trip up a lot of databases. No, this
> is not another hoax raised by some anti-Linux lobby. It is Linux's own
> Y2K nightmare, says Businessworld.

It's simply not true. It's more FUD. Look at the date on this email.
Also, calculating 30-year mortgages doesn't use time_t. Code certianly
doesn't set the time 30 years ahead to see what the cost is. It's
just FUD.

Dick Johnson
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