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    SubjectRe: ioctl to keyboard device file

    > >>>> I want to add a new ioctl to keyboard driver device file which will
    > >>>> perform the work of copying user space data sent to it into kernel
    > >>>> space and send those characters to handle_scancode function of keyboard
    > >>>> driver.. Now I want to know
    > >>>>
    > >>>> 1) what is the device file corresponding to keyboard (is it
    > >>>> /dev/input/keyboard).
    > >>>> 2) where file operations structure is defined for that.
    > >>>> 3) where the those ioctls handled(not found in keyboard.c).
    > >>>>
    > >>>> Any small help is appreciated.
    > >>>
    > >>> why not using uinput for this job?
    > >>
    > >> Thanks for the solution. I did the above task, by defining a new
    > >> character device driver and sending ioctl to it. and calling
    > >> handle_scancode from it. Now I want
    > >> to do the same task with in the keyboard driver. For that I need to send
    > >> ioctl to keyboard device file.
    > >> For that only I asked the
    > >> above doubts.
    > >
    > > what your are trying to do looks wrong to me. Why don't you use uinput.
    > > It is there and it is the correct thing for the job.
    > >
    > Can u pl. tell what uinput will do,
    > Can u have any idea about the way That I want it to do.

    with uinput you can write your own input driver (keyboards, mice etc.)
    in the userspace. So you create a keyboard device driven by uinput and
    feed your key strokes from the other machine to it.



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