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SubjectRe: [RCF] [PATCH] unprivileged mount/umount
Ram wrote:
> What if proc filesystem is removed from the kernel?
> Ability to access some other namespace through the proc filesystem does
> not look clean. I think it should be cleanly supported through VFS.

You don't have to use /proc/NNN/root - that's just one convenient way
to do it.

Other ways are

run_in_namespace mount -t bind / /var/namespaces/$NAME


clone + open("/") + pass to parent using unix socket

which I think both work already.

> Also cd'ing into a new namespace just allows you to browse through
> the other namespace. But it does not effectively change the process's
> namespace. Things like mount in the other namespace will be failed
> by check_mount() anyway.

That's correct.

> I think, we need sys calls like sys_cdnamespace() which switches to a
> new namespace.

Can you give a reason why sys_chdir() shouldn't have that behaviour?

> Effectively the process's current->namespace has to be modified,
> for the process to be effectively work in the new namespace.

Or just remove current->namespace. It's entire purpose seems to be to
prevent namespaces from being first class objects. The idea of
"current namespace" is adequately represented by
current->fs->mnt_root->mnt_namespace IMHO.

-- Jamie
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