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SubjectRe: [RCF] [PATCH] unprivileged mount/umount
Quoting Jamie Lokier (
> wrote:
> > Right, sys_unshare(), as per Janak's patch. Does it lack anything which
> > you would need?
> For creating new namespaces to be held by a daemon for handing out to
> user processes on demand, it's no more convenient than clone().

I see.

My use for namespaces is to simply customize the fs view on login, so
sys_unshare is more convenient than clone because it now allows a pam
library to switch namespaces, which was either impossible or hard to do
using clone. Making namespaces first-class objects should also work,
since the namespaces can just be set up in advance and then entered from
inside a pam library.

Still I'd agree with Eric. It'd be good to see just how much we can do
with the ability to clone a namespace outside of clone(). Going back to
the daemon handing out namespaces... why can't you just take your
earlier example of /var/namespaces/NS1, etc, where you just create a
bunch of fs trees under the /var/namespaces directory using bind mounts,
and then login or pam does

pivot_root(/var/namespaces/NS3, tmp)
umount(tmp, MNT_DETACH)
chroot .

No daemon needed...

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