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SubjectFW: IBM ThinkPad HD APS Linux Driver
Hi Everyone,

After my polite and nice email to Mr Daniel Frye. It looks like again,
the Linux people gets ignored.

I don't know if it's only me thinking that I should get more from them, or
if it's them that simply don't care...

Whoever is interested, we might just need to do back engineering.

Check it out.

Thanks and sorry for the Linux-kernel ones that don't have a Thinkpad.

- Alejandro

-----Original Message-----
From: Steven Murphy []
Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 12:32 PM
Cc: daniel frye
Subject: Fw: IBM ThinkPad HD APS Linux Driver

Mr. Bonilla,

Your inquiry regarding the Active Protection System and the Fingerprint
Reader was forwarded to me by Dan Frye of IBM. We have discussed your
request and at this time we have decided to not release the information you
requested. With regards to the Active Protection System (APS), Lenovo has
significant patented content in the software and will not be releasing any
low level information on how APS is coded as we do not wish to have it
released in a GPL (or similar) license at this time. With regards to the
Fingerprint Reader, I would direct you to work directly with UPEK for this
functionality. Much of the functionality is provided by UPEK and they are
in the best position to provide you with the technical details you require.

These decisions were made to protect our ThinkPad product's competitive
advantage in the market and is not an overall statement of Lenovo's policy
on open source software.

Steven Murphy, PMP®
Senior Project Manager , ThinkPad Project Management
Lenovo International
Voice: 919-254-8457

We are the new. We are the future. We are Lenovo. Think Lenovo!

(They are obviously not thinking in Linux.)

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