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SubjectRe: [RFC/PATCH 2/5] mm/fs: add execute in place support
Badari Pulavarty wrote:

> While I agree with your reasoning, since you are affecting very hot
>code path for every architecture, irrespective of "bdev" support
>for this - you may want to look into some how eliminating few
>function pointer de-refs and checks for those who don't care.
>(#ifdef, unlikely(), or some arch & config magic).
I do agree that addidional pointer derefs would be a nightmare
from the performance perspective. But afaics the patch does not
add such, and for checks I did already add likeleyness for the non-xip
case. Could you be more precise and specify which code path(es) you

>To be honest, that file is already complicated enough - every time
>I look at it my head hurts :(
I agree on that one. I gonna put extra functions into its own file.
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