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Subjectmsdos/vfat defaults are annoying
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So I've noticed, again, much annoyed, that if I rely on -t auto,
horrible horrible things happen.

I have had floppies and compact flash cards that I've done mkfs.vfat to
make fat32 filesystems on (not fat16), and mounting them brings the
thing on as msdos by default (autodetect). Furthermore, I build msdos
out, and mount says the msdos FS isn't supported. In either case I need
to use -t vfat.

Vfat is much more common and should be backwards compatible with msdos.
When there's a ton of foo~1 files around after mounting, something's

Shouldn't vfat be the automatic default? Or at least, if only vfat and
not msdos is available, use vfat. For that matter, can msdos and vfat
be collapsed? As I recall, the difference is that vfat makes more
inodes to store long file names, one for each 13 characters (in reverse?)

I dunno. I can never understand the innards of the kernel devs' minds.

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