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SubjectRe: Please open sysfs symbols to proprietary modules
On Wed, 2005-02-02 at 19:07 -0500, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> There will be a GPL'd layer, and it's likely that sysfs interaction will
> be on the GPL'd side anyway, for purely technical reasons.

Be very careful if distributing your driver in two parts -- a GPL'd part
and a part which you claim is not affected by the GPL.

If your non-GPL'd section is an independent and separate work in itself,
then the GPL doesn't apply to it when it is distributed as a separate

But if you distribute that same section as part of a whole which _is_
based on the kernel, then the distribution of the whole must be on the
terms of the GPL. The GPL extends to the entire whole; to each and every
part regardless of who wrote it.

The intent of the GPL is to control the distribution of collective works
based on the Program; not just derived works.

You _really_ should consult a lawyer and make sure the final paragraphs
of §2 are taken into full consideration.


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