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SubjectRe: [ACPI] [PATCH] i386 No Idle HZ aka dynticks v051205

> The main change to this version is the inclusion of Dominik's patches to
> cpufreq ondemand, acpi c-states and bus mastering which should start making
> the potential power saving features of dyntick a reality (thanks!).
> One buildfix for !CONFIG_NO_IDLE_HZ as well.
> If you get strange stalls with this patch then almost certainly it is a
> problem with dynticks and your apic so booting with the "noapic" option
> should fix it.
> Split out patches, timertop and pmstats utilities and latest patch available
> here:
> FAQ:
> What Hz should I use with dynticks in the config?
> 1000 to realise the benefits of the power saving features and low latency.
> Should I enable timer statistics?
> Only if you're planning on using the timertop utility to help you recognise
> the biggest sources of timers currently in use to help you improve power
> savings.

Strange. It works okay here (thinkpad x32, configured SMP), but
something strange is going on with cursor. I use softcursor (normal
underline but highlight background), and underline no longer blinks
over it.


echo -e "\33[10;5000]\33[11;50]\33[?18;0;136c\33[?102m"

on vanilla and no-idle-hz kernels to see what I mean. I'm using
framebuffer console here.
Thanks, Sharp!
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