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SubjectRe: [ACPI] [PATCH] i386 No Idle HZ aka dynticks v051205

Please merge this patch also into your dyntick patchset. Upon further
refleciton, we shouldn't be _this_ aggressive to enter C3-type sleep if
there was bus mastering activity this jiffy.

Signed-off-by: Dominik Brodowski <>

Index: working-tree/drivers/acpi/processor_idle.c
--- working-tree.orig/drivers/acpi/processor_idle.c
+++ working-tree/drivers/acpi/processor_idle.c
@@ -260,7 +260,7 @@ static void acpi_processor_idle(void)
pr->power.bm_check_timestamp = jiffies;

- * If bus mastering is active, automatically demote
+ * If bus mastering is or was active this jiffy, demote
* to avoid a faulty transition. Note that the processor
* won't enter a low-power state during this call (to this
* function) but should upon the next.
@@ -271,7 +271,8 @@ static void acpi_processor_idle(void)
* qualification. This may, however, introduce DMA
* issues (e.g. floppy DMA transfer overrun/underrun).
- if (bm_status && cx-> {
+ if ((pr->power.bm_activity & 0x01) &&
+ cx-> {
next_state = cx->demotion.state;
if (dyn_tick_enabled())
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