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SubjectRe: RFC: Starting a stable kernel series off the 2.6 kernel
M. wrote:
> Yes but not home users with relatively new/bleeding edge hardware or
> small projects writing for example a wifi driver or a security patch
> or whatever without full time commitment to tracking kernel changes.

If there are "small projects writing" their own wifi driver, they should
try to get it included in the kernel ASAP. Then they won't have to track
the changes, as the person making the changes will automatically change
their little driver to keep it working after the changes.
Drivers very rarely impact the stability of the rest of the kernel.
It initially gets added as "EXPERIMENTAL" so the user can choose whether
to even use it or not.

All it takes is for the "small project" to build their own git tree, and
then ask the Linus or Andrew to pull it. It should get added pretty
easily, so long as the code looks pretty. :-)
It is really that simple. There is no logical reason for any external
driver not to be added into the main kernel, so why do people not want
to add them?

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