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SubjectRe: recommended mail clients

> > I would NAK such a patch.
> >
> > Andrew Morton described a way to do it, some method using x cut buffers,
> > IIRC.
> >
> > The best thing to do is use a custom script, though. Other mailers can
> > be annoying as well, with regards to the References header, for example.
> > And pine is awful, encoding plain text as base64.
> For a maintainer who patch bombs LKML constantly a custom script is best
> but for the casual contributor their mailer should just work.
> The default Gnome and KDE mail clients work OK so why don't we just try
> to get Thunderbird fixed or at least warn about it? Casual contributors
> are very likely to read SubmittingPatches.
> I'm not trying to find the one true solution I'd just like to end the
> constant low grade noise (and higher bug fix latency!) of "Please
> resend, your patch is linewrapped" every few days.

Well, l-k has some rather extensive spam traps, right? What about
adding "if it contains patch, it should be well-formed patch" into the

That way user would get bounce from the mailinglist, telling him how
not to damage the patches...

Thanks, Sharp!
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