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Subject[Question] BIOS settings
Hi everybody, and seasons greetings,

I was reading up on the web, and saw that BIOS `video shadowing' isn't
required with modern kernels, as the kernel talks direct to the hardware
bypassing BIOS. I was aware of this re boot time, and know that kernel
queries hardware direct - but didn't know this bit.

I have an KT7 mobo with award BIOS (version year 2000) and GeForce4 MME with
nVidia 'secret squirrel' module [kernel], so turned off video

Now, glxgears (I know it not a measurement tool, but...) runs at an amazing
400fps faster (it was 750ish, now runs at 1100ish in same environment).

So, my question is - are there any documentation that covers what is needed
and isn't needed in setting up optimum BIOS settings for Linux kernels?


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