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    SubjectFollowup on open/iscsi+core-iscsi
    Greetings All,

    I just wanted to send a follow up note on the announcement that was made
    yesterday relating to open/iscsi+core-iscsi project, and what it means
    to users of iSCSI on Linux. People looking for a stable, mature and
    complete implementation of an iSCSI Initiator can deploy core-iscsi
    v1.6.2.0 and core-iscsi-tools v3.0 on Linux 2.6 today. Developers
    interested in iSCSI should continue to focus their efforts on the
    open/iscsi stack. In the upcoming weeks, efforts will begin to start
    porting over the core-iscsi-tools management interface and tools to
    open/iscsi. Keep in mind that core-iscsi-tools allows for many
    different types of functionality that may or may not be currently
    present and/or stable in open/iscsi. So again, what this means today

    USERS == Core-iSCSI
    THE FUTURE == Open/iSCSI+Core-iSCSI

    The primary reason that active maintainence and development has been
    resurrected on core-iscsi and core-iscsi-tools is to address the fact
    that no iSCSI Initiator implementations existed that where practical for
    the average user that where being actively maintained. The average user
    should not need to be concerned with the underlying iSCSI stack, but
    only be concerned with the configuration and management side of the
    core-iscsi project. What this means for users of iSCSI on Linux today
    is they can safely use core-iscsi on both the stack and tools side, and
    know that when open/iscsi is ready to roll, there will be little, if no
    breakage from their perspective during the migration process.

    Additionally, a new update (v1.6.2.0-p1) containing a small fix to get
    the core-iscsi stack to compile with GCC v4 (thanks to Lance Dillon on
    this) has been put on

    I would like to encourage people to give feedback on the Core-iSCSI
    project's management layout, as well as any other comments.


    Nicholas A. Bellinger <>

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