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SubjectRe: [Patch 11/31] V4L (0999) Some funcions now static and I2C hw code for IR
Hi Mauro,

[As a side note, it looks like there have been some distribution
problems with this patchset... I can only see 0/31 (twice) on LKML and
11/31 didn't make it to the lm-sensors list as it was supposed to. I
received it twice though.]

> From: Mauro Carvalho Chehab <>
> - Some funcions are now declared as static
> - Added a I2C code for InfraRed.

Unrelated changes, this should have been two separate patches. Also,
"I2C driver ID" would better describe what the second change is about
than "I2C code".

> --- git.orig/drivers/media/video/ir-kbd-i2c.c
> +++ git/drivers/media/video/ir-kbd-i2c.c
> @@ -278,7 +278,7 @@ static int ir_probe(struct i2c_adapter *
> static struct i2c_driver driver = {
> .name = "ir remote kbd driver",
> - .id = I2C_DRIVERID_EXP3, /* FIXME */
> + .id = I2C_DRIVERID_I2C_IR,
> .flags = I2C_DF_NOTIFY,
> .attach_adapter = ir_probe,
> .detach_client = ir_detach,

That's a poor ID name you chose. The second "I2C" is totally redundant,
and "IR" is a bit short and could mean about anything. Please change it to

Jean Delvare
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