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    SubjectRe: New (now current development process)
    > That's what I was thinking ;)
    > The simple fact is that we have more developers doing more stuff faster
    > than they used to. All within a coupled system which has a lot of
    > interactions.
    > End result: yes, we do all need to spend more time looking at other
    > people's code and less time looking at our own. That's just life in a
    > large project.
    > I'm very careful to make sure that relevant developers are copied on
    > patches which go into -mm. In fact there's significantly better review
    > opportunity on patches which go developer->mm->Linus than there are on
    > patches which go developer->maintainer-git->Linus.

    Moreover, it's fairly easy to test stuff that's all in one place, in a
    consistent format, with a simple linear stack of patches to sort through
    to find culprits.

    Plus you have a great tendency of dropping stuff like a stone when it's
    broken, which helps a lot. Having some basic pre-mainline-merge testing
    keeps the quality of mainline way up.

    It'd help more if people focused more on testing their own shit before
    submitting it than complaining about -mm. If it's the same people breaking
    the tree all the time, I'm sure we can find a recycled set of stocks


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