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    SubjectRe: New (now current development process)
    On Oct 30 2005, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > But the cc'ed people just _have_ to take time out to read the dang
    > patch! They almost always have multiple weeks in which to do this.
    > But if they just delete the thing while they work on their own stuff,
    > well...

    Indeed. And there are the guinea pigs/lusers like me that are willing to
    test and do some roundtrips of reports to get the kernel working better
    (with the little that I can help). :-)

    Now that I have backups working as I wanted, I surely intend to give the
    -mm tree more tries.

    Oh, and I would really appreciate if some options had at least some
    description when I do a make menuconfig. Would identifying these options
    or asking for clarification of others be of any interest?

    I do think that they would help me when I try to compile the kernel for
    some of my friends' computers.

    Thanks, Rogério.

    Rogério Brito : :
    Homepage of the algorithms package :
    Homepage on freshmeat:
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