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Subject[PATCH 1/3] kconfig and lxdialog, kernel
Hello group,

The overall purpose of this patch is to add an "Abort" button to the
exit dialog of "make menuconfig" (kconfig), which returns the user to
the root menu if he/she chooses the Abort button (useful if the user
didn't actually want to exit kconfig). kconfig relies on lxdialog to
display the exit dialog. As a result, most functionality changes were
made to lxdialog.

I have read MAINTAINERS and was unable to locate any maintainer for
lxdialog. Please feel free to let me know who should have been included
on this message and I apologize ahead of time for leaving you out.

This is my first submission to the LKML so please feel free to provide
me with any feedback before I submit the patches to Linus.

I hope I haven't shot myself in the foot; but, (and please no offense to
the original author(s)) I was almost totally unable to follow the
original style from the lxdialog source code (e.g. new blocks were
spaced two spaces to the left rather than the style I've become
accustomed to, spacing to the right). Basically, I ended up running
Lindent against the source in scripts/lxdialog/ and [naturally] I've now
made the patch much larger than it should have been (next time I'll read
the FAQ *before* I start writing a patch and hence the reason I'm
posting the first patch as a URL). Hopefully, by submitting the format
changes first, it will be clear what the important modifications were.
In other words, the first patch is *only* a format change. The next two
patches will be the important functionality modifications to lxdialog
and kconfig.

Signed-off-by: Sean E. Fao <>


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