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SubjectRE: Consistent kernel hang during heavy TCP connection handling load


Yes, I have reproduced the problem on another machine running a similar kernel but with different network card, CPU, etc.


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From: Jan Kara
Subject: Re: Consistent kernel hang during heavy TCP connection handling


> Thanks for responding. When I got no responses, I searched for ways
I don't have personaly much experience with debugging by above tools
so I won't be of much help. As you describe the problem below I
personaly think that you won't get much from them if the system is as
unresponsive as you write.

> (3) Enabled sysrq on both kernels, including echo "1" > /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq
> I'll wait for the next hang now, trying it on both kernels. By the
> way, the system is hung VERY badly--doesn't respond to anything, no
> switching consoles, no keyboard events, no disk activity. Dunno about
> network, since I haven't put a sniffer on it yet.
Hmm.. that looks bad. Do you debug things under console and not
in X? If that is the case either there is some hardware problem (you
likely generate quite high load on the machine) or some driver is stuck
with interrupts disabled. In case debugging tools don't help you can try
to compile kernel with minimal config (just disable everything not
needed to run the test). Also reproducing on a different machine would
be useful to rule out hardware...


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