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SubjectIP stack question
I have the following situation.

I am running a SuSE 2.4.19 Kernel on an SMP machine. I am using the bonding
driver. I have a BOND1 device created with IP address and MAC
address 00:10:18:06:CF:B8. BOND1 consists of ETH2 and ETH6 in active
standby mode with ETH2 being the active slave and ETH6 being standby. I see
periods of duplicate messages being received by my application. I traced it
down to the fact that the messages are indeed being received by both ETH2
and ETH6 (since ETH6 has the same MAC/IP combination, it does pass messages
up the stack). Further analysis has shown that soem messages coming from the
active bond have a garbage sour address in the MAC header. The source
address seems to be an ASCII representation of the actual MAC address, that
is, 30303A31303A (00:10:). This causes the Ethernet switch to overwrite
its learning tables and subsequent messages for that MAC/IP are broadcast
and received by both chips. I put some tracepoints in the bonding drivers
transmit routine and see that the bad address is in the SKB at the time of
transmission. I would like to know if similar problems have been seen. My
assumtion is that this message arrives at the bonding driver already "bad"
from the IP stack. The fat that I have bonding allows the error to be seen.
Without bonding, this error would not be noticed.

Please CC me directly on any responses.


Jack Bloch

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