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SubjectRe: Scheduler fairness problem on 2.6 series (Attn: Nick Piggin and others)
Date writes:

> --- William Lee Irwin III <> wrote:
>> Wakeup bonuses etc. are starving tasks. Could you try Peter Williams'
>> SPA patches with the do_promotions() function? I suspect these should
>> pass your tests.
>> -- wli
> I tried the patch-2.6.7-spa_hydra_FULL-v4.0 patch
> I only changed the value of /proc/sys/kernel/cpusched/mode to switch between
> different patches.
> The 2 threads test passes successfuly (improvement over stock 2.6.7) but none
> passed the 20 threads test:


I tried this on the latest staircase patch (7.I) and am not getting any
output from your script when tested up to 60 threads on my hardware. Can you
try this version of staircase please?

There are 7.I patches against 2.6.8-rc4 and 2.6.8-rc4-mm1


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